Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

Mark Twain Days 1997 Event Report

Bushnell Park
Hartford, Connecticut
August 16-17, 1997
August 16-17, 1862
Hartford, Conn.

Dearest Brother,

I am once agin pleased that I have the time to pen a few words to you. I suppose you feel anscious to know I am safe and well. We arrived in our great capitol city in the forenoon of the 16th to give demonstration to the townsfolk, Gov Buckingham and All Men Of Union as the great banner read. Our ranks are now very thin, and we are hopeful and escpectant of some new boys to join our 8th Regt.

After a good warm meal, our Captain gave a rousing speech about union to all the onlookers to which we responded with a loud huzzah. We fell in with some boys from other companies and with a very detestable 1st Sgt. whom knew neither the duties of a 1st Sgt nor respect for officers and it makes me ponder on how promotions are handed out to such fellows.

We spent the day drilling and firing our guns for the gathered throngs that we might inspire some to join. Many were in awe at our smart lines as we marched forward, to the left, right, into line and back. After we marched some 50 rods we wheeled into line, and charged up a hill much to the escitment of all. Then brother, then I was proud. There we planted our dear old flag atop the hill to the cheers of all. We retired to the cover of the trees and our tents and settled down for our evening meal and listened to a Major who spoke to the boys about the great adventures in the Army and many boys came up after to pen their names on the muster rolls. After a peaseful night we awoke early and marched out heading for the cars which will take us on our return trip to New York and on to Baltimore, and a steamer so once agin as to return to the army and picket duty in Fredricksburg.

I am hopful that with a few more such galant charges onto Richmond as we had demonstrated in Hartford, that the Rebels will throw down their guns and run and this God awful war will soon be over as we all pray. I hope that on my nesct furlow home the family will be able to visit together. The cars are here so I must close. Please write, I may get the letter.

Give my love to all Good bye.

Your Brother,

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