Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

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Hartford St. Patrick's Day Parade Event Report

Hartford, Connecticut
March 17, 2001
Dear Friends,

On the warmest day of the spring to date, the boys of the Eighth were called out to show their support and respect for the City of Hartford at the local St. Patrick's Day Parade.

There was several various routes that the men took into the city, but all converged at the State House, where all the kindest hospitality and support was greeting us. Several extensions of greetings were given and gratefully received.

Soon, the boys were directed into line of march in front of the House on State Street, and the parade commenced to the east along the way. We proceeded down Capitol, took a left on the Main Street, and proceeded to take a left on Pearl Street, then zig zagged to the right on Trumbell and took a left on Asylum Street.

As we proceeded closer to the Bushnell Park, the crowds got thicker and thicker, and to our surprise, the Lieutenant faced us into line as a few points, and showed the crowds along the route the bayonet, but of course, all in good taste, and to the public's cheers.

There was a large mob at the intersection of Asylum and Ford that we pushed through and came into line for the review. We were so pleased to show the old Eighth off with such precision to the marshalls of the parade that we burst with pride. We passed them in fine order, giving them the present arms and their respective compliments.

We soon passed under the arch, and were shortly halted, cleared the weapons, and were dismissed on the state house lawn. We proceeded back to our families and our homes to enjoy what is left of this furlough to the home state, before we are ordered back to the seat of war to stop this infernal rebellion before it sets our Union asunder.

Pray to God and to St. Patrick to lead us to the Right!

Love, Seth.

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