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USV3R and USV Brigade Annual Meeting Minutes

USV Third Battalion Annual Meeting
January 19, 2008
Grantsville-Hershey Holiday Inn
Harrisburg, Pa.

The meeting was convened at 8:30am by Scot Buffington. Everyone present was welcomed and introduced themselves. Opening comments included the success of the past season as a battalion.

Old Business.
Comments from the members were solicited about what they liked and disliked about how we ran the battalion and the events this past season. The payroll scene was popular, and the mail calls, etc. The events specifically enjoyed included September Storm. Positive comments were made about the USV3B amalgamation that attended Cedar Creek. The Fredericksburg 145th Anniversary event drew many accolades, and Mark Herzog reminded us that the 47th Virginia along with the 28th Mass. were equally responsible for the success of the event.
The situation with the USV treasury and old 2006 treasurer was disclosed and discussed. This situation will be prevented by checks and balances to be built into the accounting process in the future. New Business.
The USV insurance policy and coverage for members was discussed. As it stands, the USV is actually insured for liaibillity, and it will extent to any members at any event. This is indeed great news, and a welcome accomplishment for the entire USV.
Bylaw changes for the brigade were discussed to develop a consensus position for our battalion. The changes are tailored to allow the USV3B to be designated a full regiment. This is accomplished by defining a battalion as at least four line compnies, and a regiment of at least two battalions. This will promote Scot Buffington to full Colonel, and allow us two field grade officers. While this arrangement is acceptable to our battalion, a motion was adopted to define our vision of a regiment as a single battalion, and not two should be documented. Further discussions about a clause to require brigade command permission for field officers to accept higher rank from events, and to accept additional non-USV forces under their command. While this seemed unnecessary, it was advised that a second opinion about visiting troops should be welcome. Overall, the bylaw changes were agreed to be accepted as a complete package. Official USV3B business proceeding included the following:
We voted the Liberty Rifles to full member status, and also confirmed them as a line company, under the command of Capt. Jeff Hayes. We voted the 28th Mass.Co.K. as a provisional member unit, sponsored by the 28th Mass,Co.B. We voted to accept the transfer into the battalion of the 40th Penn. Vols. under Capt. Brian Roman. We confirmed the change in line company command for the 28th Mass. from Mark Herzog to Steve Hane. We confirmed the appointment of Mark Herzog to field grade as Major. A big and hearty thanks and congratulations to all these members. We are growing and gathering momentum, and extremely pleased with the process.

Time was short, but focus events were discussed.
The big one for this 145th anniversary year for 1863 will be Gettysburg. The USV3B will be attending the Air/Anders At High Tide event on June 27-29, 2008. This event will be presenting first day and second day scenarios. We will be portraying the 56PA with the opening volley, the 17CV in East Cemetary Hill, and the 28th Mass and the entire Irish Brigade in the Wheatfield, then coming back as the 1st Minnesota. Mark Herzog is working to coordinate guest units to fill the ranks of the Irish Brigade to its original strength. We will have the support of many of the previous Irish Brigade organization's units.
Dave Pridgeon was our guest, and discussed the PSL and SVBF's five year plan to host events on original ground throughout the Shenandoah valleye area. This year will feature a development event at Fishers Hill on September 12-14, 2008. It will be sized at about 400 total, and involve full time camping, marching, and fighting on the original ground. The USV3B elevcted to make Fishers Hill a focus event this year. Scot will work with Bill Watson to portray the 43NY.
Discussions of our attending Cedar Creek on October 17-19, 2008 this year were very positive. Various past transgressions are far less likely to occur this year due to a change in event command. Ted Brennan of the NR will be commanding. The USV3B elected to make Cedar Creek a focus event this year.
There was an open discussion of the battalion also supporting a member unit local event. Jim Pepe mentioned Clinton, NJ. John Sutliffe mentioned Hale Farm. Aaron Hooks mentioned Middleburg, Va. Many others come to mind. It is not clear that the battalion will pick one as a focus event this season. To this point, we determined to have the member units update their local calendars and schedules on their unit web sites, and let Kim Perlotto know. Kim will create a composite calendar page on the USV3B pages that will easily link to them for review. Please support your comrade units local events any time you can. You are always welcome if you are available to attend.
We apologize for the lack of time to further define our season fully, but we will follow up directly and get this all firmed up.

Good of the Order.
Many ideas about battalion scenarios were solicited. We can and will support any efforts to create additional historical period experiences for our events.
It was also indicated that perhaps larger composite companies should be organized for our line of battle at events. This will allow more interactions in the units, and will actually create a more military environment. It will allow the officers to fill roles appropriate to their ranks, and thoroughly exercise the non-commissioned cadres as they should be, requiring sergeants and corporals to organize and lead platoons and squads. It will give the chance for more detail rosters to be employed, and more flexible military camp experiences. This suggestion was duly noted, and the adjutant will take this into consideration when arranging dance cards for the line of battle this season.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00am.

USV Brigade Annual Meeting
January 19, 2008
Grantsville-Hershey Holiday Inn
Harrisburg, Pa.

The meeting was called to order at 11:00am.
The Pledge of Allegence was said.
General Burdell Waffler welcomed everyone.
The bylaw amendments were brought to the floor and accepted.
Dave Childs made the motion to recognize the third battalion as a full regiment under the new bylaws, designating Scot Buffington as Colonel, and providing for two field grade officers to be appointed for this season, and elected next year. The motion was passed.
Darrell Markijohn presented the story regarding the treasury and issues surrounding the 2006 treasurer. Mike Chambers, Reg Wirth, and Mike Nailiborski all played key roles in the resolution of the issue, and put in place in the new bylaw changes to prevent future occurances.
Darrell Markijohn also presented and discussed the USV Insurance Policy, and how it covers the member units. Basically, all members are covered for liaibility at any event any time, as long as they are in the act of reenacting, conducting living history, or otherwise addressing the purpose of the USV as defined in the bylaws. Copies of the policy and declaration paage have been provided to each battalion, battery, and troop commander. If there is any interest or need to review, please contact your USV chain of command.
Burdell Waffler presented the issue of 2007 designated preservation contributions were not made due to the treasury situations. It was determined to execute them now.
The meeting was adjourned for an hour for lunch.
Mike Chambers conducted the business of USV Congress confirming member unit status changes, including new provisional member units, full membership units, new line companies, line company commander appiontments, and member unit transfers. All were executed unaminously, and those affected were congratulated, and directed to complete the election ballots their new status provides.
Mike Chambers presented the 2006 minutes, and they were accepted into the record.
Mike Naliborski presented the 2007 treasury report and the 2008 budget. They were accepted.
Linda Dussinger presented as the Civilian Coordinator.
Greg Mullen, the Election Committee Chair, presented the results of the election. There was only one contested slot in the entire election. All incumbents were reelected across the board. This includes the Executive Board and all the Regimental, Battalion, Battery, and Troop field commands.
The commanders of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Regiments, Sharpshooters Battalion, Artillery, and Cavalry all presented the highlights and results of their individual morning meetings.
Rick Dussinger presented the status of the USV Brian Prohaska Scholarship. The original endowment is now exhausted. It was voted to have the USV to continue to fund this scholarship in the future.
Events were presented and discussed.
Darrell Markijohn described the Brandy Station event as combined arms cavalry and infantry on the original Virginia battlefield.
Dave Wagoner and our ANV guests presented and discussed the 145th Chancellorsville event in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
Kevin Air presented and discussed the Gettysburg At High Tide event in Gettysburg.
The Good of the Order recognised this business meeting as one of the smoothest and most positive meetings in memory. Thanks to all that make it possible.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm
The Annual Banquet was enjoyed at 7:00pm. Our thanks to Rick and Linda Dussinger for organizing this meeting every year.
The Annual Slideshow tradition continued at 8:00pm. Our thanks to John Bert for stepping into the breech on short order and saving the day.

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