Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

145th Anniversary New Market Reenactment

May 16-17, 2009
New Market, Virginia

Dear Friends,

We proceeded to take the cars south for the support of the Union, and arrived at the seat of war, and the town of New Market, Virginia around dusk. We were not all welcomed, and additional tithings were required, but for the fact that the fees were properly disbursed, all was well.

We went into camp with the rest of the 54th Pennsylvania supporters, numbering companies under Capt. Hane of the 28Ma.CoB, and Capt. Peacock of the 56Pa. We were also supported by friends from the CVG and the Mifflin Guard. This was an effort to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and all looked to our accomplishing it. Friday evening was passed in getting into camp, and all went well.

Saturday morning arrived, and the bulk of the army was up and ready.

We drilled early under Capt. Hane, and got a good dose of maneuver, facings, and firings that would come in good handy later in the developments of the day. we retired back to camp for a good dinner, and a ready bunch for the fight to come.

We were then turned out to deal with the Rebel hoard, and deal we did.

We marched some distance south from our camps, and were treated to a thunderstorm just as the battle was to open. Yet, we marched, fired, and fought the rebels to a stand still, and beyond, we charged, changed front, and pushed the rebels towards the precipice to our left, the valley of the North Branch. We licke three battalions in the process, and took an artillery color.

Returning to camp, we enjoyed the victory, and were rewarded by the overall commander of our brigade, Gen. Wolf. We were ready to make some supper when the clouds opened again in earnest, and we took to the town for some supper. Returning later, we found that our camps had been evacuated, and our own Col. Buffington was present to see that the camp amd garrison equipage of the detached was protected, and in order. It was clear that although our little shelters were keeping the rains at bay, the ground under them was not. It was a little sinking feeling that each brogan experienced walking around, and so the idea of sinking into the mud under your shelter was less and less attractive. Most had determined that the evacuation to other points was the better discretion.

We quickly rolled up the camp, threw it into the wagons, and took off to the north for shelter.

We were welcomed in Winchester for the night at the pleasure of our own Joe, and traveled back to the north on Sunday morning.

The abrupt ending to a New Market event is not unusual, and in fact, we fought across the "Field of Lost Shoes" in the thunder and lightning as did the original VMI cadets.

Your humble servant,

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