Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

Bauer Park, Madison, Connecticut Event

September 27-29, 2013
Madison, Conn

Dear Friends,

This is one of the special opportunities to write to you from the front. What we have been ordered to do is converge in this area and be ready for the battle. We did as ordered, and established our Nutmeg camp on a little knoll in the midst of the park, in the midst of the community. The event was sponsored by our close friends and acquaintences of the Connecticut Civil War Commeration Committee.

I arrived in camp Friday late afternoon, to find an installment of the Nutmegs consisting of the 8th Conn Vols and the 14th Conn Vols at the opening in the fence. The rest of the Union camp was to our left, and comprised the 28th Mass. Co.H and the 2nd Conn Heavy Artillery camps. The command was the New England Brigade, under the control of Colonel Paul Kenworthy. We settled into camp that evening, and awated orders on the morning.

Reveille and breakfast found us there, and Sgt. Don Hamel took the roll call with 21 present for duty. We spent the morning adjusting to the sublime late summer weather, drilling and posting guards for headquarters. Come the middle of the afternoon, we were summoned to formation, and marched to the right to engage the enemy.

The battle unfolded in three phases, from left to right. Since we were on the right, we were late engaging, but when we went in, we were ordered to push the extreme right flank of the battle, and to do that, we advanced, fired, and advanced some more. There was a knoll, and broken ground to our front. We pushed through it, sneezing with the weed, and beat the rebels back in fine form. We were called to cease fire, and the battle was over.

We returned to camp, and got into a lesiure mode. The suppers were provided, and the lines were long. Everyone got a good belly full despite the wait. After that the evening was full of singing, drinking, and battles over the keg. We won.

Sunday dawned with more perfect weather, and the daily drill was about the same. There was the same drill, the repeat battle, and the same results.

The event was a true pleasure in that we were all together, all close to home, and a great public support. The site was unique in that it blended into the country side like nothing we could hope, and that the weekend was well rewarded. The folks, and they know who they are, that put this all together, are to be thanked profusely, since this is the spirit of the best possible combination of public service, comraderie, and comfort.

Lincoln & Liberty!
Your humble servant,
Kim Perlotto

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